So…What IS the Lavender Cloud?

The Lavender Cloud creates catchy, often silly, fun songs, adventurous stories and imaginative videos that bring joy to kids and adults alike. Lavender Cloud is made up of Rachael Claire and Justin Botz, along with their Lavender Cloud Collective of patrons (family, friends and fans) who support the creation of their art.

What people are saying…

This duo is incredibly talented! All their posts make my day and the kids and I love listening to their songs in the car and at home! - Gabrielle

I’ve been singing this song all weekend! - Amanda

My kids now have a new song they sing over and over and over and over Thanks! - Vanessa

You two are the bomb!!!! I went to work to hang wallpaper the day after your “sweet potato” song. . . . that’s ALL i could sing!!! ALL DAY!!! it just cracked me up and gave me a ton of silly JOY!!! - Pamela

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