Quarentine Joy

Spreading Quarantine Joy!

What a crazy time this has been for us all. In the midst of this pandemic and turmoil in our world, we have been figuring out creative ways to spread joy to families! 

In June, we surprised two of our biggest Lavender Cloud fans with a pop-up birthday show. The 6-year old twins know all of our YouTube songs by heart! We played for them on their front porch as they, along with mom, dad and grandparents danced in their hallway. 

In April and May we gave two Facebook live virtual dance parties for kids, and offered a free giveaway for a private Zoom dance party. Above is the photo of the winner who enjoyed a private show along with her sister, cousin, uncle and grandparents. They all loved it!
Join us on Patreon!

We are excitedly updating our Patreon to include some fun things this season. If you join us on any tier, you’ll get access to our first Lavender Cloud Songbook! Also, if you sign up at the $25 tier by August 31st, you’ll get our exclusive Patron-only mug with our new Lavender Cloud logo on it! 

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